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Rest 3,8

Self-inflating sleeping mat- Rest is suitable for outdoor specialists, who are seeking comfort and quality insulation all-year-round. A structure using  horizontal cavities ensures air circulation through the core of the sleeping mat and thus securing suficient thermal comfort on the surface. Model REST 3,8 provides great insulating properties while maintaining  a relatively low weight but retains its high comfort. Thickness of sleeping mat is 3,8 cm. It is supplied including a repair kit and bag to fold  the sleeping mat into.



Suitable forActivities

Mountain and trekking

Product properties

Product info:mattress

weight:1000 g


dimension:183 x 51 x 3,8 cm

Dimension after folding:20 x 26 cm

thickness:3,8 cm

type mats:samonafukovací

Product type:karimatka