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Space 4

Spacious two bedroom tent suitable for 4 to 6 persons, who enjoy campground stays, an outer structure, a hallway with two side entrances, 4 framework rods, 4 air vents, 2 windows in the upper part of the tent, anchorage of rods using a metal mandrel, zipper door with partial ventilation and folds into a pocket, 2 handy pockets, metal tent pegs, groundsheet for the whole area of the tent, bars to adjust the entrance to create a shelter.



Suitable forActivities


Product properties

weight:13 kg

capacity:4 (6)


Load-bearing construction material:sklolaminát

Number of entrances:2

The size of the outer tent:480x220x190 cm

The size of the inner tent:(2x160)x210x160 cm

The size of the compound tent:24 x 69 cm

Water column of the floor:0

Product type:tent