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A project that supports enthusiastic travellers, daredevil globetrotters and all those who are not afraid to pursue their dreams

Hannah Grant

For all of you who have the desire to experience something extraordinary, to discover the unknown and fulfil your dreams, we have established this project. Who do we support? What is this “Hannah Grant” about? Read more, maybe we can also help you!

From the very beginning of the formation of the “Hannah” brand, we have been supporting travellers and outdoor enthusiasts. It makes sense to us, to be with you on your trips and help you to fulfil your traveller dreams. Therefore, since 2016 when we celebrated our 25th anniversary of the brand, we decided to give a framework to this form of aid and to have the project encapsulated under the name “Hannah Grant.” 

The intention of “Hannah Grant” is not to dress and support professional mountaineers but on the contrary to promote enthusiastic and dedicated travellers who have the desire to experience something extraordinary, to discover the unexplored or to visit a dream, naturalistic destination. We also want to provide you with the products that will help you achieve your objective much more easily.

Using ” Hannah Grant”  we have already provided many projects with our outdoor clothing and equipment and we will continue to do so in the future. It brings us incredible joy when we can be of support to you on your trip and to help towards fulfilling your traveller ambitions. Together, we experience your escapades and adventures with great delight.

In order to show to you – our readers, what “Hannah Grant” is all about, we have prepared a short video montage of the “Hannah Grant” projects for 2017. Perhaps this video will inspire you where to travel to in the future!