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Hannah Grant


 The project “Hannah Grant“ was officially established in 2016, when we wanted to create a unique and long-term project to help outdoor adventurers and enthusiasts fulfill their travel dreams and pursuits, in the framework of the celebration of the 25th anniversary of the “Hannah” branding.

The whole idea of such a support however, was evident much earlier than in 2016, even before the foundation of the “Hannah” brand in1991. At that time there was not enough quality equipment and clothing for active movement available in the Czech Republic and so a bunch of friends decided themselves to manufacture what was needed for outdoor experiences. They sewed the clothing at home, as we say “on their knee” and not just for themselves but also for their close friends. It was the only way they could go hiking in the Mountains, rock climbing or simply following their various adventures, with the correct equipment and without any worry.

We fulfill dreams

The fulfillment of dreams has remained even though the “Hannah” brand, in the following years, has developed and grown and our products vastly improved. We cooperated on several mountaineering expeditions, supporting several individuals, including our own employees, who set forth to conquer the mountains around the world. You can learn more about the key events of the history of our brand on our site.

The idea was originally built on material support and in 2016 it was officially named the “Hannah Grant”. That year we celebrated 25 years since the establishment of our company, so our main goal was to support a total of 25 travel plans. The chance was given to whoever introduced their desire to experience something extraordinary and something that they have dreamed of. It did not have to be a trip “to the end of the world”! The crossing of Šumava (Bohemia Forest) is also beautiful and quite unique! We wanted to simply help fulfill the dreams and goals of others as we had previously fulfilled ours.

We share experiences

When launching the project in 2016, we distributed outdoor products between the 25 selected projects, to the value of 1.000.000 CZK.  What were the reactions of the participants about this?  What experiences did they bring back with them from their trips?  If you are interested please view the video that was created of the project.

Great interest, lots of beautiful, breathtaking snapshots, the smiles and the enthusiasm for the “Hannah Grant”  made us so excited, that we decided to continue this sponsorship model which has become an ” affair of the heart”.

We support you on your journeys and we will enjoy sharing your experiences.

Hannah Grant today

The “Hannah Grant” is a project to which every outdoor enthusiast and traveller can apply for.

Are you planning a journey with a bunch of friends, or just alone looking for an adventure? Do you want to get a wide range of photos and videos from these activities and to share your experiences and everything you achieve with others?  If you do, there is the “Hannah Grant”, whose main purpose is  material support for both large and small projects associated with what “Hannah” has been enjoying for more than a quarter of a century –  being active!

How we select the projects

It does not matter on latitude or meter altitude. We will choose significance, originality and ambition to learn or to achieve. We want to provide you with the products that can help you reach your goals much easier.

Experiences, information and inspiration can be taken from several projects below in the gallery. Further projects can be found in the section entitled Hannah Inspiration.

How to apply for

Introduce your travel intention or project by email and contact us. The email should include the following information about you and your project:

  • Name, surname of  the contact person
  • The number of the participants and their names and stating gender
  • Geographic destination
  • Date of departure, duration of stay
  • Project description including specification of the possible climbs
  •  An idea of the material cooperation expected from the “Hannah” brand

E-mail send to subsequently

What to expect

If the project will be interesting for us, we will definitely require a personal meeting, where we will specify bilateral requirements and possibilities.

If you will be chosen and will become a beneficiary of the “Hannah Grant”, you can expect material fulfillment from our offer according to the scope and needs for your purposes and your final destination.

What we will expect from the cooperation

  • Regular updates of the breaking news about the preparation of the project, updates during the project implementation and a final report after its termination – frequency and the volume of the reports by mutual agreement with regard to the individual projects.
  • Sending photographic documentation on a regular basis during project implementation - frequency and volume of the reports by mutual agreement with regard to the individual projects.
  • After the project has ended, send at least 20 of the best and most authentic photographs capturing the course of the project. The photographs must be submitted in print quality.
  • Send a short video showing the course of the project containing editing of the best experiences with the minimum footage from 30s to maximum 90s in mp4 or AVI formats. The video is not a pre-requisite but certainly an advantage when projects are selected.
  • Your own active promotion of the project through social networks, websites, blogs or others media.
  • Expected participation at events organized by the “Hannah” brand and associated with the “Hannah Grant” projects.
  • Your consent, with unrestricted use, of all outputs described in the previous paragraph, i.e. “Hannah” with unlimited use of the materials sent by you on your website, social networks and catalogues,  with eventual inclusion within our PR in selected media.

We share your joy and experiences 

Together we will show to others, what can be experienced and what can be achieved! We will happily share all of your experiences and articles through our websites and social networks.


DiscoverNow - Laponsko

They tempted us at the ski-alp in the Krkonoše. They attract us to the free ride in the Alps, for cross-country skiing in Modrava. But we were saying no! Indeed, Since August we had the air tickets to Rovaniemi in our pocket. Well, we did not have them in our pocket but in the PDF file in the e mail.


A 3000 km long journey that boasts 100 km of elevation gain, in the picturesque New Zealand scenery. This sounds good. But afoot? Martin is truly facing a major challenge. We trust him and we are rooting for him to have his dream come true.

Eagles on a trip - a trek in Andorra

Our main destination in Andorra was the high-altitude mountain valley of “Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley”, which has been on the UNESCO World Heritage List since 2004. 


We would like to walk through our beautiful Czech countryside during all four seasons. Around the borders of the Czech Republic, which is 1 800 km.

Discover Now: East or West, north-west is the best

Michal from DiscoverNow is on his journey again! The objective this time is Pacific Northwest for him and his buddies. It is the region on the west of North America, to which the USA states of Washington, Oregon and the Canadian province of British Columbia are included. We spent last May in this area of splendid nature and marvelous people.

Crossing of Šumava (Bohemian Forest) with Rozárka

Hi! Our names are Julka, Jirka and our dog Róza and we would like to present to you our unobtrusive project - Crossing of Šumava (Bohemian Forest) with Rozárka.

No limits Himalaya (2016)

No Limits Himalaya group consists of 9 students, disabled Honza Krauskopf and several other members of a support team. Due to the Hannah Grant project, we were able to equip our team with the necessary gear for the challenging high-alpine conditions.