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For maximum concentration at the study desks, the feeling of comfort is important

To make sure that the clothes are not too tight and pulling and they do not feel either too warm or cold, and most important of all is the functionality. Especially during school break times, the body should be allowed freedom of movement. “Hannah” children’s collection meets all of this.

Soft shell jacket 

The boys will prefer the model Bendy Lite. A Jacket they can wear to school, for training and also for outings. It does not matter if it rains, the great thing is the membrane Resstex 8000 that protects against sogginess.

The model Kasha Lite is more suitable for girlsThe jacket has cheerful colours, a shaped cut, but is still strong and resistant against the severe elements. The hood can be detached so if the forecasts are favourable the jacket can be “made lighter” by removing the hood. It is ideal not only for the journey to school and training but also for weekend excursions or walks.

The price at an authorized Rock Point seller: 1190 CZK

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softsellová bunda Hannah Bendy Lite junior softshellová bunda Kasha Lite junior

Fleece sweatshirt

They wear it every day but do they have the right one? To have a maintenance-free model, you will find it with a fleece sweatshirt. They do not crease, they dry quickly and do not have to be ironed. For boys we recommend the model - Oggie. This sweatshirt is thicker and has a   stand up collar, so in that way it is windproof and also the neck can be protected from blowing winds. Anything can be done in it, i.e. go to school, to the cinema, for a trip, climb on trees, just chattering around a bonfire or visit a friend.

Ladies would be more comfortable in the model Mine. If it looks thinner, it is just because it is made from micro fleece material - PolarsoftMicro. This means that at lower weight it has all the same properties as the thicker models. As soon as you caress it, you will find out how pleasant is to the touch. The girls will definitely like the embossed pattern that makes it even more attractive.

Price by the authorized Rock Point seller: 390 CZK


mikina Hannah Oggie juniormikina Hannah Mine junior

(NOT) an ordinary T-shirt

Even the T-shirt matters, sitting half a day at a school desk is not all honey. The T-shirt must be pleasant to the touch, to pull nowhere, must not be too tight and also not too loose, the sleeves must be just right, and also look good.  The boys will surely like the T shirt-Dandy that meets all of this. The Model- Poppy  will probably charm the girls with its colours and printing. It is sewn intentionally to fit the girl’s elegant curves and the sleeves are slightly gathered. It is the first time this year that the design of T-shirts were separated for girls and boys. And when does a bag with all the sports equipment sometimes be forgotten at home?  This T-shirt is fantastic for leisure activities and movement, so there is nothing more to resolve. Just choose the colour.

The price by authorize Rock Point seller: 190 CZK


tričko Hannah Dandy junior boystričko Hannah Poppy junior girls