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The time for camping, trips and holidays begins. Do you have the right camping equipment?

The season of travelling and holidays with sleeping outdoors just starts. Do you already have the complete equipment? The Hannah collection offers a wide range of products for families with children, for ramblers and extreme travellers.

Inspire yourself on our website or in the  Hannah Camping Catalogue 2017, which is also available  on-line in addition to the printed version. You will find tents, sleeping bags, sleeping mats and backpacks – all in one place, comprehensive, clear, detailed described and explained and  includes all technical parameters.

Tents – are clearly listed into five categories according to the destination and the use you expect from the tent. From the tents for the most demanding climatic conditions, to the reliable and comfortably spacious tents for families with children or groups of friends.

Sleeping bags – clearly displayed and explaining all five designs of  sleeping bags produced by“ Hannah“. There is a table of technical details for easier comparison between individual models, including the explanation of the thermal insulation properties of the sleeping bags. Do you know that all “ Hannah“ sleeping bags are tested according to  European standard in a certified laboratory? Each of the sleeping bags are therefore provided with a TZU certification label.

Sleeping mats – here you can find synoptic offers of the self –inflating sleeping mats with the possibility of a fast comparison of parameters between individual models. There is also an explanation of the used structures - vertical or horizontal cavities.

Backpacks – a complete arrangement from the largest to the smallest. Sorting according to the litre content and a detailed description of equipment of the backpack will make it easy for you to choose the right one for your activity.

The Catalogue is available in the printed version in all ” Hannah” stores or  in our  Rock Point partner  stores.

Types of Products:

Reliable family tent , where you have spacious bedrooms and hallways that will especially satisfy  the families with children  or the larger groups of friends. They are particularly suitable for longer stays in camps. For example:  Tent Tribe:

Are you looking for a foolproof tent with the possibility of a quick and simple construction? We are offering the series Comfort that is designed primarily for seasonal use in the camps and campsites. For example:-  Tent Hover 3:

Do you go heading to the outdoors all year round? We have a wide range of offers of tents of various types, constructions and sizes. These tents are regularly tested by a numbers of travellers and adventures in different climatic conditions such as for example : Tent Covert 2:

Sleeping bags designed not only for men, but specially shaped and filled for women and also for children are in the ” Hannah” offers of sleeping bags and are taken for granted. "Growing" Trek 200 Jr. Your child will use for several years. Just pick the colour:

New videos of the products:

Because we are the brand which has a quarter of a century of experience with the production and development of tents and sleeping bags, you can rely on your “Hannah” products without any worries during your outdoor activities. No wind or rain can spoil your outdoor experiences for you! Check out our new product videos for selected models: