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With outdoor comfort but still with style. In the city, on the road or on a date...

THE CITY COLLECTION is designed for city walks, moments spent with friends and also for travelling. The emphasis is placed on comfort and design. With the garments of the city collection you will have the styled to perfection look and at the same time feel as comfortable as in sportswear. Due to the technical materials used in the garments in our city collection they will warm and protect you from dampness in the drizzly autumn days. What do we recommend?

Jacket Hannah Gunner man

is our most popular bestseller in our offer of men’s city jackets. When waiting for a tram or bus, you will appreciate the extended length and the warm thermo-insulating fleece so that the wind and cold will not disturb you. Fashionable and also practical colours are suitable for all ages whilst in the city. In the jacket you will feel good whether you go to work or to school. Because of the large pockets, you can take without problem, all you need for a walk with friends or maybe on a date.

Hannah Jacket Gunner man

Coat Hannah Ellice II Shine lady

will fascinate you at first glance and at first touch. Due its length to the mid thighs, you will be protected from the cold autumn winds. When having to wait and stand around, the special synthetic chamber filling will warm you. Because of the elegant stitching, the feathery filling and the pleasant external material used, the coat appears simply luxurious and you can cuddle up wonderfully into it. It is ideal in the city, on the way to work and on walks outside the city. As a result of the cut of the "regular fit", it’s comfortable, slightly ergonomic shape has a natural freedom of movement. Therefore it is suitable for all shapes and sizes. Do not miss this year’s model!

Coat Hannah Ellice II Shine lady

Sweatshirt Hannah Dillon man

It is something between a sweater and a sweatshirt. This is attributable to the fleece knitted fabric with combed fibres that will, from the inside warm you the same as a sweatshirt but from the outside acts like a stylish city, wholly unzipping sweater with a stand up collar. Compared to a regular sweater however, it exceeds by the low water absorption, so that in the fine rain you have enough time to find shelter before you get drenched. Ascribe to the "regular fit" as it is suitable for most types of physique and you will feel comfortable in it for whole day long.

Sweatshirt Hannah Dillon man

T-shirt Hannah Elisia lady

It fits perfectly during cold days. The comfortable cotton ensures your comfort and the elastane gives shape and maximum flexibility to the T-shirt. Due to this fact you will enjoy wearing it not just to school or to work but maybe also in the evening for a meeting or for bowling. A fine detail in the form of a wolf’s head attracts attention.

T-shirt Hannah Elisia lady