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They tempted us at the ski-alp in the Krkonoše. They attract us to the free ride in the Alps, for cross-country skiing in Modrava. But we were saying no! Indeed, Since August we had the air tickets to Rovaniemi in our pocket. Well, we did not have them in our pocket but in the PDF file in the e mail.

We chose the departure in early March, which is the best time for observing the polar glow. Its occurrence is very common and the cold is not so cruel as in January and February.

At the end of summer, when we were buying the air tickets, everything seemed sunlit and we never dream that we may, during the followings months have a doubt, whether we will travel in the winter to Lapland or to the subarctic region of Finland, however, it has happened.  Suddenly we needed   sun, beaches and palm trees. Unfortunately the dream change of our plans has beaten the airlines, we do not understand why they did not want to exchange flights to Lapland for Bali flights. We wanted to exchange four air tickets for four air tickets, nothing complicated. But some senseless regulations won. Today we already know that the journey to Lapland was the best decision and the night at the log cabin in the middle of Scandinavian forests is a million times (well, a hundred times, let’s not exaggeration) a better experience than laying around somewhere  on an exotic beach.

But now it’s time to put on your feet some snowshoes and come with us to take a look at Lapland. It attracts you primarily by the virgin landscape, the polar glow, thousands of lakes and millions of saunas, and of course Santa Claus. He has been living in Lapland since 1927, when a Finnish radio reporter said during program for children that Santa is living on the mountain Korvatunturi.  But in these endless forests, plains and hills are also living people and most of them live in Rovaniemi. The city of Rovaniemi is the gateway to the polar region and offers everything from Lapland, nicely concentrated in one place. For example, such as Hotel Santa Claus which has the name Santa in it’s name and a sauna on the roof straight overlooking the polar glow. In the city is also the Santa Claus Village, the renowned Santa’s village is where you can act as a child and no one will blame you for behaving like this. But we did not come above the Arctic Circle to unpack Santa’s gifts. Rovaniemi was just the base for us to discover Lapland. From this base it is possible to delve into the National parks in the vicinity. We managed to visit three, Risintunturi,  Pallas-Yllästunturi and Pyhä-Luosto. Everyone is something different but they all have one thing in common, they overflow with adventures. In their virgin landscape you can spend as much time in the middle of the wilderness as you want and definitely you will not be bored. Thousands of spruces alternating with birch groves and from the kingdom of the subarctic forest you can climb on the bare tunturi hills and enjoy the views of the infinitely fabulous wilderness. But the nature of Lapland is not the only thing to remind you of a fairy tale.

The nights you will spend far away from civilization in the picturesque snowy cottages where you are perfectly disconnected from the outside world. The log cabins are illuminated by candles and you fall asleep while looking into the warming fireplace. That is all you need at this moment, and it is enough for you. The wandering between the log cabins we first imagined as an endless boredom in the uniform landscape. But it’s just someone indoctrinated us that Lapland is just forests. It was exactly the other way around.  We chose the routes basically right on-site and it was a totally random selection and after each end of it, we said that “it was probably the best trail to the north of Liberec”. We enjoy every meter of powdered snow.  We were warmed by the surrounding countryside, the interior filling of our “Hannah” jackets and also by the pleasure of having our own snowshoes which we brought with us from Czech Republic We did not have to waste time by looking for them in Finland. Rentals in the woods were not too much, actually there were none.

It is also good to mention that we had our cards well dealt in which the circumstances were again playing for us, and above all natural influences. The weather was relatively welcoming, we had sunny days and also blizzards, but the most important thing was that the moon was preparing for the full moon throughout all of our stay. The day due to the moonlight was estimated at about 24 hours. Under normal circumstances we would not be totally enthusiastic, if we were lost at midnight (yes, we were lost) in the white of -15 °C. But here we fully enjoyed every minute and the starry sky and polar glow above us kept us warm.  We had not experienced anything more magical for a long time. We were really glad that we are wandering and we did not want it to end.  But everything has its own time and the log cabin in which we had to stay overnight, we finally found. This is the time to explain how it actually happened that such an experienced team of polar explorers could get lost. Yes. You have guessed quite right, it was not our fault. For the first time in the history of the journey ” Discover Now” we have encountered the activities of the hostile tourists. Someone had turned the direction indicator. We repeat, someone really had turned the indicator.  A situation well known only from animated, grotesque stories but that can also happen in the middle of the Finnish wilderness, hilarious mischief indeed. The imagination, that someone should trick people like this in the places where theoretically life could be in danger during the arctic blizzards,  which leads us to the idea of whether the person concerned was not a rascal but even a villain. So, we turn the indicator 90 degrees and we were by a few degrees more cheerful.

Because we had good quality gloves, we can recommend Lapland still with all ten fingers. And if you are interested in the details and recommendations of precise, specific trails and log cabins, we are already writing the list for you, so that you can make your journey next winter in the footsteps of our snowshoes.


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