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Eagles on the road

Our name is EAGLES and we are a three-member team – Markéta (25), Michal (27) and Vítek (18). Because I love travelling with Michal, we have decided to drive through the whole of Europe. On April 4, 2017 we decided to settle down for the journey in our Vítek (Mercedes Benz Vito), that Michal alone has completely rebuilt from the very beginning, as and when it was necessary.


We have already crossed Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Albania, Montenegro, Croatia and Slovenia. At this moment we are in the Czech Republic due to a complaint with our notebook and having to return it to the manufacturer and we are also arranging other necessities. On Tuesday, August 15, 2017 we finally set out on our journey again. We cannot wait any more, we are looking forward to going!

A few sentences about EAGLES

The name originated from Michael’s nickname, but we will not speak about it at length. We love to travel, learning new things and meeting new people, spending time outdoors, hiking and camping and above all, we love each other. We do what we enjoy and we are loving it. We had someone for inspiration and now we want be an inspiration to someone. We want everyone and especially ourselves to prove that if there is a will, there is a way. Just defer the excuses like: I am too old, now it is really not the right time, I do not have much money, I cannot speak another language, I do not have anybody to go with, I have children, etc. The truth is you will always have some excuses ......just like we did. We decided not to look for reasons why it cannot be done but rather reasons why it is possible to be done. And it really is possible to be done!

Life on the road opens our eyes and gives us a new opportunity.

We are enjoying the travelling and living in the car very much. We do not want to live like most people. We do not want to live the way we are told to live. We do not want to spend every day at work we do not enjoy. We do not want to repay the mortgage with exaggerated interest. We do not want society to give us guidance. We do not want be content with the idea that we go on holiday once or twice a year. That is not good enough for us, at least not just yet. We want to find our own way. We want to achieve something. We want be the lords of our leisure. We want to be the makers of our fortune. We do not want our lifes to slip through our fingers. It is not enough just to survive. We want to live! And we want to live happily and together! That is the reason why our team does what it does. We travel because we love it and it has fulfilled us.

And what’s next?

First we will drive through Austria and then Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain, Portugal, then Spain and France again and eventually a ferry or the tunnel to the United Kingdom, where we plan to stay over for the winter and make some extra money for the next part of the trip. For the whole trip we have stretched the money which we saved but it does not last forever. The money we saved in England, where we lived and worked for ten months. This plan was also created there – buy a car that we rebuild and travel in it around the world. We still think of England with love. We are looking forward to going there again.
 In the spring we would like to go through Belgium, Netherlands and Germany, into the Nordic countries and then drive through Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia to Poland and a quick pop over to Ukraine and back to Bohemia. We are looking forward to every country and we have always a lot of places to visit there. We plan these points of interest by ourselves. We search the internet, read blogs and occasionally we ask about recommendations. We are mainly interested in nature and its beauty. In addition, we are more and more enjoying the treks and hikes. That is why we will focus on them a lot and we will walk as much as it will be possible. In the future we also plan a long walk, but more about that another time :) What we have written here, you do not have to take as a firm plan, because our plans are never fixed and often change. We change them according to our mood, consciousness, conscience, obtained information, experience and also specific situations that influence our entire journey. So surely some changes in the plan will occur but even that is in our overall plan.

Shards of EAGLES 

Morning coffee in a beautiful spot by the river that flows through the National Park, KRKA. The fear of passing through a snowy gorge in Hungary. The hopelessness felt in Romania when in connection with the stray dogs. The astonishment over the beautiful views from the peaks of the hills and mountains. The relaxation in the natural thermal spas. The adrenaline rush during the crossing of a rocky ledge over the Vikos canyon in Greece. The astonishment in the salt mine Salina Turda. The fatigue after hundreds of miles travelled. Afternoon coffee and pancakes overlooking the lake and the conscious presence of the hills that cover it. The coolness of the lake near the waterfall. The comfort that Vítek provides us with. The love that overwhelm us when we awake side by side. The happiness when we look at the short life of a birthday sparkler. The relief when opening the chilled can and the closure hisses. The gratitude for a warm dinner. The heat burning our skin on the beach in Croatia. The despair when the brakes fail in the hills. The return to history while strolling in Dubrovnik. The joy of the best possible company. The satisfaction of our taste buds when eating the home prepared “lángos”. The comfort while sipping a morning coffee overlooking the waterfall, directly from our mobile one- bedroom apartment. The quandary during a rainy week in Slovakia. The respect when we bypass with a large curve, the burly bull that hypnotizes us. The moment when we cannot find words when observing the sunrise over Bled. The safe sleep with a open boot. The enthusiasm before crossing the borders to another country. The freedom when wildlife camping. The transiency of a moment. The immortality of memories. The huge support of the family, friends and people who recognise us through our work. The infatuation of our journey. The strength when we know that we can do everything together.

EAGLES in paragraphs

  • we do not go to camps
  • we sleep on the wild, where we like it
  • we have a kitchen, dining room, bedroom, living room, office, dressing room, bathroom and all in our Vítek
  • we cook almost anything
  • living in a car does not limit us
  • we don’t have a “(Sub)”, at least not yet
  • we don’t have a refrigerator and we can handle it
  • when it is a nice day, we do the laundry in lavender by hand, we do not miss the washing machine

  • we do not have a toilet, but it is not a problem
  • we have solar panels which give us enough “juice”
  • we have driven about 12 000 km
  • we have traveled through 10 countries
  • we punctured two tires and destroyed the brakes but we were always lucky in our misfortune and everything turned out well
  • the most we enjoyed so far was in Slovenia
  • 2 kilo gas tank they fill up for us in Bulgaria and Albania, and “that is not possible?”
  • we do not drive on the highways and we avoid the toll sections

  • we are trying not to leave Vítek on pay car parks too often
  • we have exceeded the planned total budget
  • but we keep to the food budget of (150 CZK, per day 2 persons.)
  • we do not buy drinking-water, we take it in barrels wherever it is possible
  • we love the natural thermal springs
  • we are shopping in large supermarkets but most we prefer is Lidl
  • we are writing articles in our blog, shoot video on the You Tube channel, uploading photos to our Instagram profile and we share everything about everything with others on our Facebook page
  • we are draining free internet from restaurants, bars, shops, shopping malls, etc.
  • Vítek got bogged down in Romania, but we pushed it out
  • we fed a lot of stray dogs and we wanted to take home most of them
  • we are probably only nomads who do not work on the journey.

If you are interested in our short presentation, please do not hesitate to visit us on our social networks :)

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