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In July 2016 I over come one of my big personal ambitions to climb to the Matterhorn. The point, when I finally moved from trail running area to the area 4000+...

How did this all begin?

In July 2016 I overcome one of my big personal ambitions by climbing to the Matterhorn. Although someone may argue that “Maťas” is nothing much!  “Luki”, is not either! For me it was a breakthrough moment. The point, when I finally moved from the trail running area to the area 4000+.

 Materialistic assurances, without which it would not work, was provided for me by “Hannah” as part of the “Hannah Grant” (#hannahgrant) and physically I was secured by Vojta of “Alphaguides”. Thanks for that!

 After returning, for a while I was living on a cloud of unlimited happiness and which continued to the training of the race called “Beskydy Sedmička”, which, for the first time in my life, I had to give up in the middle of the race. My stomach baulked and unfortunately my Achilles showed an adequate level of pain. And so my other plans have been dashed. Next, the stopping of the race was followed by a visit to the doctor and fatal news, that this no longer can be corrected. My Achilles heel had become my “Achilles’ heel” and this fracture (fissure) had taken my breath away.

After a short period of hopelessness, I took the option of Chinese medicine and suddenly things started happening for me. I spent every January weekend on “Malá Fatra” with acupuncture needles in my ear and I experienced almost everything that winter can offer. A pile of ice for cramp, powdery snow up to my chest and also a wet slush which did not want to stay too long on the slope. I began to listen to my body more and it started to respond to me positively. So the generator of good ideas resumed in my head and my finger straight away got stuck on the map in two places. Back to the “Zermatt” or for the first time to the “Tirol”?

Considering, as the year developed and success was replaced by disappointment and vice versa, I felt an urgent need of an adventure which I have not yet experienced. And I know that this kind of skill will be useful to me. This adventure is best characterized by the word LONELINESS. I have never been so absolutely alone with myself in the mountains for a longer time and the “Eagle’s Trail” (Adlerweg) in Austria is perfect for this. Whatever it may look like, I feel that this adventure will move me a little further, exactly where I want to be, where I need to be, where I simply MUST BE.


At the same time when I developed this idea in my head, a sensational message appeared in my email. And on the bases of this message I can now write with pleasure that we are together with  ”Hannah” AT IT AGAIN! So I am not really going to be alone. And I appreciate this support very much, because this time it will not be only about running and so more days on the ridge will require high-quality material preparation.

About the” Adlerweg” (“Eagle’s Trail”) I heard for the first time from Vojta of “Alphaguides” and on the first hearing, love was born. It is something terribly beautiful and brutal at the same time in its own parameters and I just love it! I will give a separate contribution for the description of my route.

So to conclude this introduction:- in 2 weeks time I will sit in the car and sweep towards the next adventure, which will be about me and with myself this year Perhaps, me and myself will stay together ok :).

Text and photo: Lukáš Knybel