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Autumn collection

Have you seen the first pieces of the new “Hannah” collection for Autumn-Winter 2018/19 yet?

We are just completing lots of new styles and new colour combinations of well-proven bestsellers at our store counters! What can you look forward to in this Autumn-Winter collection?

In our offer you will find soft sweatshirts that will warm you during the colder autumn days, ladies and men’s T-shirts with new print designs that will make you feel good throughout the whole day and comfortable trousers that can be worn either in the city or the countryside. Also your little rascals will certainly enjoy the children’s clothing, from which they can choose from.

Nová kolekce Hannah podzim-zima 2018/19

Join us for a little experience of the new collections...

Ladies clothing

Be trendy while being dressed practically and comfortably? Ladies T-shirts, vests and sweatshirts offer several colour variations with different print designs and cuts. Select what catches your eye first! Because of the elastane and functional materials used, your clothing will fit you perfectly and you can simply go to a get-together with friends, on a trip or to work.

dámská kolekce Hannah podzim-zima 2018/19T-shirt Fabris, vest Hadid, sweatshirt Selena, T-shirt Salamana

Men’s clothing

As the saying goes, “nothing succeeds like simplicity”. Whether you are heading to work, to school or to the mountains, you can trust that the garment will fit you perfectly! Of course, the materials used are fully functional and pleasant to wear. There are interesting print designs that attract attention to our favourite cotton T-shirts.

pánská kolekce Hannah podzim-zima 2018/19

T-shirt Skill with new print design, sweatshirt Bylle, sport sweatshirt Grayer, trousers Nostromo

Children’s clothing

Jackets and trousers that are designed to be fully functional, to protect your children from adverse weather and at the same time have a colourful design that is trendy, enjoyable and that the children will love. You will appreciate that your little ones are warm and dry and they will enjoy that they can choose from our colour combinations.

dětská kolekce Hannah pro podzim-zima 2018/19

Jacket Traynor jr., jacket Kasha Lite jr., sweatshirt Taurum jr., sweatshirt Nicolase jr.

Come on over and take a look at the Hannah brand stores or you can shop on our partner’s Rock Point web or at other points of sale.