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Will you be camping?

We will advise you on what kind of tent, sleeping bag or sleeping mat is ideal for your type of travelling.

Are you planning to go to the outdoors? Have you already planned your way for your family trip and now you have only to purchase the right shelter and equipment?  We will advise you on what kind of tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat will be ideal for your activity. Enjoy your stay outdoors without worries with our equipment.



A demanding multi-day trek in the mountains:

The main objective is to achieve the lowest possible weight. Due to the combination of modern materials and technical solutions, we are able to offer low-weight products of excellent collapsibility, and all while maintaining high durability. Select the tents from the "ultra lite series". Sleeping bags will be more suitable with an anatomic cut using the 3D design. The optimal ratio of thermal insulation, weight and collapsibility should be selected for the sleeping mat.

Our tiptent Eagle 2, sleeping bag Sherpa 160, sleeping matt Leisure 3,8

For boaters and summer campers:

The best choice is a reliable tent with the capability of a quick and simple construction. High durable long-lasting tents can be found in many types of constructions and sizes in our offer.

The boaters give priority rather to the products of the category "comfort series" especially designed for seasonal periodic use in camps and campsites.

For adventurers, there is the category "adventure series", where tents are intended for use throughout the year under various climatic conditions. Select the sleeping bags according to the situation, those made of the microfibers are less bulky, have excellent thermal insulation and are lighter and more easily collapsible; but on the contrary, the ones that are made from hollow fibres are more suitable for humid conditions.

Our tip: tent Covert 3 WS, sleeping bag Scout 120 + 120 W (or the light and very summery - Micro 80), sleeping matt Rest 2,5

Family vacation equipment:

The emphasis on equipment is especially on comfort. For tents, the size of the bedrooms and hallway, the rain resistance and even the integrated ground sheet can make life much easier for a long-stay in the campsite. The most suitable sleeping bags to use are the “blanket “ design, for comfortable twisting and turning during sleep but that can also be used as a blanket when unzipped and fully extended. With regard to sleeping mats, during auto-tourism in terms of comfort, a clear choice is the wider dimension of the sleeping matt with a deeper thickness. An inflatable travel cushion also comes in handy

Our tip: tent Space 4, Baby sleeping bag Trek Jr, blanket design sleeping bag Ranger, ladies sleeping bag Biker W 120, sleeping matt Great 7

How to pitch the tent?

View the video of the tent models Eagle and Rider. 

  • Eagle

  • Rider 2

A full range of camping equipment »

We believe, you will choose from our offer of camping equipment and it will accompany you during your countryside wonderings. We wish you beautiful experiences and a safe return. Our purpose is to develop such equipment, for you to feel - OUTDOORS LIKE AT HOME.