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World’s film award

Hannah Grant celebrates victory

We put together pieces of experiences of our Hannah Grant ambassadors, cut a video and passed on the emotions that express the meaning of our project. The fact it was liked and it won is great driving force for what we do.

We have been supporting keen travellers and help make their dreams come true for three years now. We make their way to the goal and great experiences easier and encourage their desire to explore and discover. We are happy the Hannah Grant project makes sense and excited responses of our Hannah Grant ambassadors motivate us to do more. And right now, our enthusiasm is just gigantic!

The Hannah Grant project has won a prestigious award which we greatly appreciate. Thank you.

Have you seen…?

The retrospective video called HANNAH GRANT 2019 – it follows journeys of 7 Hannah Grant ambassadors to different places all over the world. (South America, Nepal, Island, The Outer Hebrides, GR10, France, …).

Directors of photography: Hannah Grant ambassadors, edited by: Jan Žůrek, produced by: Jan Štika

Journey to victory

  • the video gets Award in the Czech round of the Sportfilm Liberec festival
  • it qualifies for the most prestigious world’s film festival – Federation Internationale Cinema Televizion Sportifs (FICTS) and its finale SPORT MOVIES & TV 2020

The video was ranked in the „Short sports stories“ category where an incredible number of videos from 123 countries fought for victory.

On St. Martin’s Day, October 11th 200, there was the finale announcement in Milan, Italy, which made us incredibly happy – we came among four best videos in the category.

The whole festival is shielded by the International Olympic Committee and that’s why we can now use and remunerate the video with the Olympic and festival logos, which makes us really proud.

Become a part of the project

Do you want to become a member of family of our Hannah Grant ambassadors and make your traveller’s dream come true? Check out and enter your own project for the Hannah Grant.

Make your dreams come true, we can help you with that,

Yours Hannah