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Do you know

What the next winter will be?

We don’t mean the weather but the trends, materials, and colours.

After this year’s winter poor in snow we already subconsciously look forward to the next one. Although we have no idea whether it will snow more, we know for sure what the next season trends in the outdoor world will be. At the sports fair ISPO Munich which took place at the beginning of February we could find the latest products of all the renowned sports brands and, as every year, we also presented a new collection there.

What spirit will our collection take on?

  • Innovative materials to keep you dry and warm
  • “For ME for US” 
  • Safety in the first place
  • Stylishly and functionally in the urban environment 

We focused on one of the key factors of the winter clothing, which is thermoregulation. Materials are under a constant process of development and improvement, and we have picked out carefully from the most reliable ones. The latest products you can look forward to will feature the Primaloft material and the microporous polyurethane membrane Resstex 10 000.

Following from the many years of experience of and feedbacks from athletes and our own experience, we have assessed carefully what one really needs to have on the slopes and made the equipment of ski jackets more effective. We removed the excessive, added the useful, and improved the existing elements. We also had higher safety in mind, which is why you will find the Recco rescue system in your jackets again.

And because the use of functional materials is not the domain of sportswear only anymore but of the urban fashion as well, when designing our 2020/2021 winter collection, we also concentrated on giving the functional materials a trendy style for you to be able to enjoy the everyday comfort even in the town. The collection will also introduce oversize coats for girls.

Have a good time in the upcoming spring and summer full of sun and then the comfort of the new Hannah winter collection.