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How to choose the best sleeping bag

It’s not that easy to choose a good sleeping bag. You shouldn‘t focus only on its pack size, weight and price, but it’s also necessary to consider your expectations, how you want to use it and what shape and insulation fill you prefer. We can help you choose – let’s go through it and check out the options.


Whether you are going camping in summer, canoeing with friends or want to sleep over at a friend’s cottage in winter, you should consider three key factors:

  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  • Price


As for comfort, basically you have two options, either a mummy sleeping bag or a quilt sleeping bag.

Quilt sleeping bag

If you want a really spacious sleeping bag which you can snuggle down into, a quilt sleeping bag is a perfect choice; thanks to a full-length zip, you can unzip it all the way and it can also be used as a blanket. In general, this kind of sleeping back is usually used in warmer weather.

You can choose from our product ranges Hannah Ranger and Hannah Lodger (Ranger 200, Ranger 150, Lodger 200 ).

Those sleeping bags differ in cut and insulation properties and you can choose the one which meets your requirements. However, a disadvantage of a quilt sleeping bag is that warmth might get away due to a space between your shoulders and head, which decreases its insulation properties.

Mummy sleeping bag

A mummy sleeping bag is suitable for both lower temperatures and higher altitudes. It’s usually slim-fit, but there are also extra-wide variants (e.g. Scout 120 Wide a Trek 200 Wide). A mummy sleeping bag fits closely to the body and head – it means you can tighten the hood around your head, which prevents warmth from escaping.


Versatility is probably the most difficult factor to be taken into account. You must consider its size when it’s rolled up, weight and thermal parameters. If you go camping by car, the first two are solved and you only need to take into consideration in what temperatures you want to use the sleeping bag.

Thermal parameters, size, weight

All Hannah sleeping bags are tested in laboratories and have corresponding certification, which is a great advantage guaranteeing you can rely on given thermal scale (for more information see The other two parameters, weight and size, should be considered if you are planning to travel by train or another mean of public transport, for example when going canoeing or rafting.

Hannah sleeping bags product range is divided based on insulation fill, weight and pack size. They can be filled with microfibre or hollow fibre.


Price is another factor which influences our choice of a sleeping bag. It’s given by materials, technology and fill.

Down fill sleeping bags

Although sleeping bags with down fill are usually more expensive, they have excellent thermal insulation properties and small pack size. However, such a sleeping bag also have few disadvantages; if it becomes moist, its insulation properties significantly decrease, it’s not as easy-care as synthetic fill sleeping bags and of course, it‘s not at all suitable for you if you are allergic to down.

Synthetic fill sleeping bags

 Compared to down fill sleeping bags, those filled with synthetic fibres (microfibre or hollow fibre) are cheaper. Synthetic fibres insulate even when the sleeping bag is moist, they are quick-drying, easy-care and suitable for allergic people. On the other hand, unlike down fill sleeping bags, they have worse overall insulation properties, are heavier and cannot be as easily packed.

On the left - sleeping bags filled with microfibre, on the right – sleeping bags filled with hollow fibre

The question is how much money you are willing to spend on your sleeping bag. In general, synthetic fill sleeping bags are very suitable for camping. Those filled with microfibre are lighter and have smaller pack size then those filled with hollow fibre, when keeping the same temperature rating. It means sleeping bags filled with microfibre are more compact but more expensive than those filled with hollow fibre.

Hannah sleeping bags – complete offer

We wish you relaxed camping and nice warmth in your sleeping bag all night long,