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How the Hannah Outfit Is Born

From inspiration to the final product or “Everything Starts and Ends in Nature”

The euphoria from riding in virgin powder snow, as the hill tops are softly lit by the evening sun, the feeling of belonging, right there, experiencing the freedom of movement … that’s exactly where one can find the inspiration and the sense of why we do what we do. Having a vision is one thing; however, the whole process of development and manufacture of outdoor outfits follows strict rules. Knowledge of current trends in design, combinations of colours, materials and production technologies are important. Inspiration can further be found at international outdoor exhibitions, in trend books and colour swatches. At the end, success is having a good idea that ends up working well in practice – it is all about transforming one’s own experiences gathered in the field.

From sketch to prototype

All the ideas and observations collected over time and put on the designer’s notepad have to be converted into a detailed technical drawing, which is one of the basic sources for the manufacture of a future prototype. A specific idea, being so far only hidden in the author’s head, is gradually transferred from the sketches and notes, often on a crumpled piece of paper, into a digital form on a computer display. The general design, functional details and information on materials have to be completed in accordance with the views of the cut and technology specialists. It’s only then that the we can begin with our first prototype that we produce in our workshop. In our team we challenge ourselves and combine ideas, experience, and handicraft skill. We often go through the whole process several times, again and again, before everyone is satisfied with the result. 

Testing in both the mountains and the lab

Information that must not get lost

However one may think that everything has been thought out to the smallest detail and functions and looks magnificently, we all know well that nothing can replace the experience of wearing the product in real outdoor conditions. The feedback and detailed information about how the product works in the field are crucial to the potential final touch.

Everything is tested – the feeling is what matters

Everything is based on the functionality of cut and details, on material resistance, breathability and waterproof quality. The resulting feeling is often influenced by a combination of several factors. Material stiffness or fineness; the chosen style of workmanship; the type, thickness or weight of the filling; the change in resilience of the elastic materials under low temperatures - all have to be evaluated and taken into account.

Severity is rewarding

Hannah ambassadors are a group of professional sportsmen/women and outdoor enthusiasts who help us ensure that our products can withstand extreme conditions.  Membrane clothing, tents, sleeping bags and backpacks are tested during expeditions in the high Asian mountains, on strenuous alpine climbs or under the volcanoes of New Zealand.

Measurements and certifications

The collection of precise measurements in authorized testing laboratories is an integral part of testing. We measure the waterproof quality, breathability, colour fastness, resistance to abrasion, and many other parameters. We verify the eligibility of the selected technologies and certify our tents and sleeping bags in accordance with Czech and European standards. 

Production can be started

As soon as all the preparatory works have been finished and approved, production can start, meaning that everything that has been tuned up in the development workshop now has to be transferred and controlled on a larger scale. We start ordering materials, zippers, accessories and all the small things that have been devised by our designers and put together to form the very product. Then again, everything is tested, measured and checked anew. The smallest detail must be taken into account, because even a wrong method chosen for rolling a jacket into a package, with resulting damage during transportation, can frustrate everything before completion.


Reward and satisfaction

We sometimes may appear a little strange, we suppose, based on the story of one of our colleagues. He went on the tram with girl sitting in the opposite seat, wearing our last-season’s jacket. Apparently he was casting sideways glances at her for a couple of stops, satisfied to see how well the jacket looked on her. He only realised that he did not assess the situation well, when she passed him to get off, saying: “Don’t gape next time, will you!...

 It doesn’t matter if we meet our products in town or buried waist-deep in snow. We are simply satisfied to meet with them anywhere - and consider every meeting a reward.