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2,5L technology lies in lamination of membrane onto the top material whilst the membrane is printed with cover layer underneath, ensuring mechanical durability. Products with this technology are very lightweight and easy to pack.

AFT (Advanced fabric technology)

Under the indication AFT (Advanced Fabric Technology) you can find a group of textile materials  enhancing the user comfort thanks to their specific treament and finish.

AFT Double weave

AFT Double Weave is a single-layer functional material with double technology of weaving. The external layer is abrasion resistant, permanently waterproof and sufficiently windproof. The inside layer quickly transports body sweat to the top layer to ensure excellent breathability.

AFT Quick Dry

AFT Quick dry is designation for comfort soft materials made from synthetic fibre which are mechanically durable and simultaneously breathable and quick-drying. Combining these properties they ensure maximal user comfort in every outdoor activity.

AFT Stretch

AFT Tech strech is designation for functional synthetic materials with addition of elastic fibre providing comfortable feeling in situations where maximal range and free movement is required.

AFT Tec Shield

Is a functional material with windproof membrane preventing the wind from penetrating the apparel and subsequent chilling of the body. This increases the thermal comfort parameters during sport activities. The material is lightweight, waterproof and at the same time sufficiently breathable.


Ultralight and strong material which is thanks to its construction breathable and able to transport body moisture away. Apparel made from Air Lite material is appreciated by active sportsmen during long-distance runs, on bicycle tours or inline skating.

Anti UV

Material disposing of anti UV protection with SPF 30+ parameters

Climatic Active Stretch

Is stretch material laminated with a highly functional non-porous membrane, which has excellent waterproofing properties - 15 000 mm H2O and breathability properties - 15 000 g/m2/24hour. It ensures optimal protection under adverse climatic conditions. It is suitable for the more demanding outdoor sporting activities. The membrane is used in technology 2L, 2,5L and 3L materials.

Climatic Element

Nonporous polyurethane membrane Climatic Element is waterproof, windproof and has excellent breathability value. Functional properties of the apparel with Climatic Element are appreciated mostly during skiing, trekking and mountain expeditions.

Climatic Element Lite

Hydrophilic (non-porous) polyurethane membrane with high parameters of breathability and waterproofness. Combined with very light top material pleasant to touch it provides perfect protection against adverse weather.

Climatic Extreme

Hydrophilic (non-porous) polyurethane membrane with high parameters of breathability and waterproofness. Combined with very light top material pleasant to touch it provides excellent protection in extreme climatic conditions well.  It is suitable also for the most strenous outdoor activities such as mountaineering or skialpinism.

Cool Plus

CoolPlus material ensures natural thermoregulation of human body. Thanks to its properties it is pleasant to wear, soft, comfortable, easy to maintain and quick-drying. Its other properties include transport of body moisture away from the body and breathability. Clothing made from CoolPlus (R) material is suitable for a wide spectrum of sport activities.


100% cotton is a soft fibre featuring softness and relative strength. Its other advantages are durability, it is able to carry-off quite large amount of moisture and at the same time, protect against cold. It is smooth to touch and pleasant to wear for user. Therefore, 100% cotton is one of the most used materials for production of light sport apparel.


Duck down is considered one of the best insulation materials. Thermal insulation properties of down lie in its voluminous surface where air can accumulate in little cavities between the microscopic rays. Small feathers are usally combined with down. This material is perfect for use in winter jackets and expedition sleeping bags, in which the lightweight, compressibility of the filling and risk of moistening limited to minimum are highly required and appreciated.

Down Goos

Filling from goose down is still the best thermoinsulation material. It is popular namely due to its low weight, small transport volume, recyclability and long lifespan. A top quality goose down with 90% share of down is a guarantee of excellent thermal comfort. Content of powder down particles is measured as a proportion of clean powder to small down feathers (90/10). The higher is the quality of down the more fluffy and voluminous is down. Products with 650 cuin fill power belong to those of the highest quality. Down products of the Hannah brand have excellent insulation qualities with regard to their low weight.

Drypeak 1500

Drypeak 1500 is a microporous polyurethane permanent impregnation.  Clothing with this impregnation is suitable for leisure time activities in mild climatic conditions and in a city. This finish increases durability and strength of the fabric.

Drypeak 6 000

Drypeak 6000 is a microporous polyurethane permanent impregnation with a well-balanced breathability and waterproofness ratio. Materials featuring this impregnation are suitable for medium-strenuous outdoor activities where snow and rain protection is required most of all.

Dural 7001-T6

Poles of the tent frame made from Dural material are light, extremely firm and flexible. The poles easily resist the long-term extreme conditions during mountaineering expeditions.

Duratherm Classic

Is a high quality polyester fleece that excels in excellent thermal insulation properties. It guarantees optimal functionality and sufficient thermal comfort even in humid conditions. The filling is suitable for sporting and leisure wear. Products with this type of filling should be cleaned and maintained at a lower temperature by a normal cycle wash.

Duratherm High Loft

Is a high quality polyester fleece with a special adjustment to increase the volume. The main advantage is maintaining the lightness and softness of the filling with optimal thermoinsulation properties. It is particularly suitable for leisure time wear. Products with this filling should be cleaned and maintained at a lower temperature by a normal cycle wash.

Duratherm Pro

Is a high quality polyester fleece that has a specially modified thickness and still retains excellent thermal insulation properties. It is used as an insulating filling for technical and sporting jackets, because it firmly guarantees optimal thermal comfort and functionality, even in humid conditions. Products with this type of filling should be cleaned and maintained at a lower temperature by a normal cycle wash.


Durawrap is a special polyester film applied in the centre of the laminate poles. In comparison with standard laminate poles, using Durawrap considerably extends service life of the poles and enhances their firmness and flexibility. If a pole made from Durawrap breaks, it does not fray lengthwise but in the breaking point only. Therefore, it is possible to carry on using it without risking any damage to the tent or injury.


Siliconized quick drying 100% polyester hollow fibres with extra long ability to insulate in humidity and wet conditions. Siliconization of fibres ensures softness, downiness and shape memory. The Izotherm DURA lining is applied in one or two layers and demonstrates excellent thermo-insulation qualities and high loft values. Once unpacked, fibres quickly fill out the space thanks to their expansibility. The fibres are non-allergenic, do not smell and can be washed in the traditional method.

Merino Extra Fine

Merino wool comes from a special breed of sheep living in cold regions.  Clothing made from this material is very fine to touch and does not scratch. The structure of the fibre and knitting technology are able to warm the wearer even if used in very small amount as it creates more “air pockets”. The pockets keep the air warmed up on the body and form a highly effective insulation. Merino neutralizes sweat, eliminates body odours naturally, is dirt-proof and has self-cleaning properties. The fibres are capable of absorbing a large quantity of moisture while keeping the surface dry and warming. Its indisputable pros are the high degree of insulation, perfect breathability, ability to draw moisture away from the skin and UV protection. Thanks to its natural and degradable components the clothing made from merino wool is a material suitable for those suffering from allergies and asthma.


Merino and Tencel make a perfect natural combination for summer use. Merino brings its properties of moisture management, odour control, and comfort Tencel wicks moisture, transmits heat effectively and is comfortable against the skin.Tencel is produced from Eucalyptus trees, so merino/Tencel products are entirely naturally based and renewable.

Microtec Ultra

Micro-Tec is a filling made of high-quality branded microfiber called Micro-Tec, which was developed for usage under extreme conditions with requirements on low weight and high thermal insulation abilities. The filling consists of 100% polyester microfibers which have the ability to insulate even in high air humidity.

Polarsoft Micro

Polarsoft Micro is a fine and light fleece knitted material used for various warming layers in clothing. The material is pleasant to touch and the products made from it can be used for sport activities such as skiing, cross-country skiing or fitness running in cold weather.

Polarsoft Thermo

Polarsoft Thermo is a fleece napped fabric. Due to the internal fibre composition, the clothes containing this material have excellent thermal insulation properties, outstanding warmth retention and minimum absorbability. It may be very well used as the "second layer" in the system of multi-layered clothing or may be worn as the external clothing.

Polarstretch/Polarstretch LITE

The Polar Stretch material is hard-wearing, pliable and flexible in all directions, lightweight and easy to maintain. Thanks to the structure of the textile the final apparel is perfectly breathable and transports body odours away. The apparel amde from Polar Stretch materials is used as the second or light outer layer, does no restrict movement and is ideal for active sports.


Branded filling materials PrimaLoft are thanks to their thermal insulation properties used in outdoor products which include e.g. overgarments, gloves, footwear and sleeping bags. Patented composition of ultra fine fibres is designed in order to provide thermal and dry comfort to your body. Other benefits appreciated by users include low weight of fleece, waterproofness, breathability, softness, easy maintenance and long life. Products containing the PrimaLoft filling prove succesful in extreme conditions.

Restex 10 000

Microporous polyurethane membrane with well-balanced waterproofness and breathability ratio. Products with this membrane protect against rain or wet snow and simultaneously maintain  the breathability parameters appreciated in many outdoor activities.

Restex 8 000

Microporous polyurethane membrane with well-balanced waterproofness and breathability ratio. Products with this membrane protect against rain or wet snow and simultaneously maintain  the breathability parameters appreciated in many outdoor activities.


Thermo insulation filling with min. 30% share of Du Pont Sorona hollow fibre produced from sustainable resources.  It features an excellent breathability and forms a barrier against cold air, thus maintaing a sense of warm and dry comfort. The fibre is soft, lightweight and easy to shape which makes it  easy to pack and store.

Silver +

The material treatment with Silver+ eliminates thanks to silver chloride as admixture the odour and ensures antimicrobial effect and facilitates perfect washing even at low water temperature.  Silver+  is resistant against repeated washing and drying and is therefore suitable for active sport products.


Woven materials which are highly damage-resistant are distinguished by mechanical stretchiness and are pleasant to wear. Softshell products are usually made by lamination of three layers into one, with the outer layer being a woven material with DWR treatment, a membrane as the in-between layer onto which the internal layer is laminated.

Stretch 4W

Four-direction elastic materials ensure high comfort and freedom of movement. Suitable for ski apparel of the most demanding clients.


Supplex fibre resembles cotton with its appearance and feel, however, it has all properties of a synthetic fibre -  it is non absorbing, colourfast, has increased durability against abrasion. Due to its properties Supplex is suitable for sport and outdoor clothing.


The special finished fibre Tactel® by DuPont Company and the improved technology of weaving provide the lightness and high permeability of the manufactured fabric. The materials fabricated in this way keep also the wind resistance and partly the water repellence.

Teflon DWR

Teflon DWR made by DuPont designates the technology of a material additionaly treated in order to achieve higher resistance to oil- and water based liquids. The clothing featuring this impregnation does not change its appearance and feel to touch, is dirt-proof, maintains its colour and breathability which is not reduced even after many cycles of washing. As a result of that it is environmentally friendly.


The Classic variant is unique for its production technology which allows for reduction of width while maintaining excellent thermal insulation properties. 50 % of the polyester filling consists of recycled material. Ecodown version offers benefits of synthetic fleece, i. e. it is lightweight, has small volume and can be machine washed. It can fully substitute down with its softness, fluffiness and thermal insulation properties.


The Washed designation is used in products whose surface material is technologically treated so as the sense of comfort and unique appearance is achieved.


The world know brand stands for highly functional and top quality zippers ensuring comfort and reliability even during long-term use. YKK zippers are waterproof, windproof, highly durable, able to withstand extreme weather and therefore are frequently used in technical sports apparel.