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New collection

Discover new products that will make your active outdoor adventure more pleasant

The upcoming spring-summer 2021 season is bringing many new products. We work with high-quality materials such as our Climatic membranes (Pro Extreme or Element) which definitely make staying outdoors more enjoyable. We have also extended our offer with the Everyday category to make sure everybody finds what they like.

We believe you will find your favourite, whether you enjoy mountain crossing in extreme conditions, love being active in your leisure time or prefer wandering around towns and cities.

“The pandemic has influenced preparation of the new collection in many ways. Creating it was different of course, but also making product materials was untraditional. As it wasn’t possible to travel, we had to stay in the Czech Republic. Most of the photos were made in the Krkonoše, around Luční bouda which is our partner and also the highest located hotel in Central Europe. Regarding what was happening all over the world, it was actually nice to stay here, in the beautiful great outdoors of our country. (says Jan Štika, Hannah brand manager)

Hannah brand manager Jan Štika

When you go hiking

The Mountain & trekking category has products intended for hiking, trekking and expeditions. We use our own materials with premium Climatic or Resstex membranes. They provide sufficient protection even in adverse weather you might have to face. We have made new pieces in earthy, trendy colours with interesting details.

 The men’s Alagan and women’s Abigal jackets are the most popular representants of this category. They are top 3L jackets that have the Climatic Element membrane and are remarkable for their balanced parameters of waterproofness and breathability. The 3L technology consists in laminating the membrane between the outer and inner layers which connects all of them into one and brings better material durability and lifespan.

Everyday comfort

The new Everyday category introduces products which are really multipurpose. They are quality garments that can protect you from extreme weather when heading outdoors, yet informal enough to be worn for work or a city walk. You can rely on quality functional materials as Climatic, Resstex and Drypeak.

 As typical representants of this category, we have chosen this year’s new pieces – the men’s Nickhil jacket and women’s Zafrina parka. The Nickhil jacket with the climatic Element Stretch membrane with 2L technology has a balanced ratio of waterproofness and breathability and the waterproof Zafrina parka with the Resstex 8000 micro-porous polyurethane membrane will keep you dry in rain or wet snow.

For city adventurers

The City & Life category allows your inner adventurer to thrive even in the city. It offers some informal garments you can easily wear for work. The most used materials are bio cotton or blends which are stretchy and comfortable to wear. You will love playful prints. When preparing this category, we made effort to use more environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

 The men’s Eras trousers or Fill shorts are just some of the new pieces in the category. They are comfortable and modern, with tapered legs, made of the AFT stretch material which provides comfort and maximum freedom of movement. And of course, we can’t leave out ladies – for them, we have the perfectly-fitting Alga skirt. There are also more fits – slim, regular and wide – so you can choose whatever you feel most comfortable in. The prints in this category are playful and colourful.

Be active without limits

Active runners, cyclists and high intensity activity enthusiasts have grown fond of the Active category. The clothes are made of functional, light and quick-drying materials and don’t restrict movement during any activity. The main materials of this category are Polarstretch and also synthetic AFT Stretch or AFT Stretch or AFT Quick Dry.

 New pieces in this category are represented by the men’s Maddox and women’s Victoria sweatshirtsThey are both made of Polarstretch which is breathable ad moisture-wicking. The sweatshirt is ideal as a mid layer or a lighter outer layer for active sport. Women’s garments have floral designs and playful prints. 

Not to forget children…

Last but not least is the Kids & Junior category because your little ones deserve quality equipment on trips and hikes, too. We have there some new pieces for them, such as Basco Jr trousers witch detachable legs for girls and boys.

This practical 2in1 combination is great when weather suddenly changes and they need to take off or put on an extra layer. AFT Stretch doesn’t limit movement. Then there are boys’ Guines Jr trousers and Rumex Jr ¾ trousers. The combination of cotton and polyamide is comfortable ad this material is wrinkle-resistant and quick-drying.

The spring-summer 2021 collection also has some favourite pieces from the previous collection, such as the time-proven Brons Jr jacket with the water-resistant Drypeak 6000 coating for protection from rain and wet snow, or the ultimate children’s bestseller – Gery Jr sweatshirt made of the functional Polar Stretch Grid material.

New technologies

In this collection, we again rely on our top Climatic membrane. We have developed it in several variations – Pro Extreme, Element and Element Stretch. It is used in 2L, 2.5L and 3L technologies. With high-functional non-porous membrane laminated in, the highest series, 3L, is firm and has excellent parameters of waterproofness (20,000 mm H2O) and breathability (20 000 g/m2/24h). So, you can rely on optimum protection even in adverse climatic conditions.

"Every year, we try to come up with new materials which push limits of comfort when staying outdoors. The Climatic membrane is a result of our effort to introduce high-quality and light material with the best parameters of waterproofness. We believe extreme and demanding activities enthusiasts will love our garments with this membrane as they get reliable and durable clothes for their adventures". (says Vladislav Žák, product manager)

We believe you will enjoy the great outdoors to the full of products we have prepared for you. Because “Outside is home” and that’s where we should feel best.