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One life just one

Greetings to all adventures! Firstly, we would like to introduce ourselves. Our three-member team consists of Anet, Filda and our four-legged buddy, Baddy.

The travelling passion was awakened in us a long time ago. Anet worked as an au pair in England, she lived for some time in Italy and also tried to surf on the Atlantic coast of France. Filda worked for several months in Alaska. He has visited the United States several times, participated in a rally from Spain to Senegal and wandered with his friends through Romania and Georgia. During his employment he also had the opportunity to visit Thailand and Malaysia.

Together we saw the Slovak national parks, travelled through the Balkans and last summer we spent almost three weeks in Iceland. We have been trekking through the Rainbow mountains, strolled across a glacier, bathed in natural thermal lakes and watched the whales.

Iceland represents the cleanest country in the world for us, and that does not mean it relating to the nature only, but also the overall quality of the life. Upon returning home we played with the idea of going back and settle there permanently. We did not want leave Baddy at home but because of his weak heart, to use air transport was not an option for us and another route for dogs on how to get to Iceland unfortunately does not exist. But because we love travelling and outdoor living, we got the idea in our heads to take further, completely different actions.

We decided to postpone the mortgage, because we did not want to obligate ourselves to any commitments. After long consideration we both resigned from our jobs and started to plan. We wanted to organize our thoughts and at the same time try experiencing some adventure. We were thinking of Asia but finally Europe won and we decided on a road trip, due also to Baddy. Travelling by public transport does not matter to him but he will have more comfort in our car and we will have, at the same time, freedom to decide where and when to travel.

We prepared a financial plan and started to save money. We had to limit our expenses for visiting restaurants or shopping of new garments.  We simply spent just for the necessary things. At the same time we started to plan the route of our journey around Europe. A few months later we had the final path ready.

We plan to visit in a total of 17 European countries on a route of approximately 18 thousand kilometres. In our itinerary there are about 70 stops and we expect to make visits approximately 100 times on our trip. The stops are spread out among beautiful cities and natural phenomena. We deliberately omit some of the big cities that are full of crowds such as Paris or Venice. Because we feel best outdoors, we have included 24 National parks to our itinerary. You can find a precise route description on our Facebook   “One life just one”.

Everything we experience will be with Baddy, so we have to skip the activities inappropriate for the dog, however we will not be bored either. Incidentally, we can mention the crossing of the largest sand dune in Europe, camping near the famous Norwegian view called  “Troll tongue”, overcoming the North Polar Circle, fishing on  Lofoten and we definitely want to stay overnight at a log cabin in the middle of the Finnish wilderness. But there is also culture activities planned such as for example, wine tasting.  Surely we cannot pass through Italy, France, Spain and Portugal without tasting their national drink.

All three of us have to something to look forward to and soon everything will erupt. If you want travel with us, at least at a distance, you can watch our blog or our Facebook profile.

Anet a Filda