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The first pieces of the new spring collection are already dazzling on display in our stores. You should not miss them!

what is HANNAH introducing in the new spring collection:

  • new styles and new colours in modern and attractive combinations
  • an extended range of the active collection
  • a brand-new backpack collection in outdoor and urban styles
  • new models for our little ones, the future travellers and adventures

What should not be missed in our OUTDOOR wardrobe

 We recommend the Hannah membrane or the soft-shell jackets and trousers, to protect you from rain and wind and keep you dry and warm for the first spring wanderings in the countryside. You will surely appreciate the comfort and convenience of the hiking trousers which will never be too tight for you and never restrict you in any of your movements during a day long trek. Of course there is a functional middle layer that will keep you warm and also a functional T-shirt that is pleasant to the touch. What do we recommend?

Hannah outfit tips for hiking:

Jacket Darnell

This model is made from one of the most popular nylon fabrics. It has a classic cut with a lightly elasticised hood, with a lining and taped seams. Therefore you will utilise this jacket especially for hiking and also during travel and leisure time.

Jacket Ramsey / Sandee 

They can be used more or less as a sports jacket or sweatshirt because it complies with the features of both. You will use them for trekking, for active sports and even for via ferrata. They are amazingly breathable, which you will appreciate especially during intensive physical exercise. They are pleasant to the touch and because they are made of a flexible material, they allow unrestricted movement. They are water-repellent, so when a light shower catches you on your way, you can comfortably cover yourself until you can get somewhere “under a roof ".

Hannah bundy Ramsey a Sandee při ferratách(men’s jacket Ramsey, ladies jacket Sandee)

Trousers Garwyn / Garwynet

The men’s Garwyn trousers or its ladies version - Garwynet trousers, both of them fit perfectly with the jacketsThe trousers are designed for alpine hiking, via ferrata and also for conventional trekking in the mountains. They stretch and are excellently breathable therefore they fully adapt to even the most “breakneck” movements. The trousers have a sporty design with anatomically shaped knees and are perfectly suitable for summer trekking.

Jacket Balmain

If you are looking for an ideal jacket for hiking, travelling and also leisure time then focus in on the Balmain jacket. Due to the Drypeak protection, it is water-repellent and at the same time sufficiently breathable. You will certainly appreciate a collapsible hood and the conveniently classic "regular fit" design, that is suitable for everyone. The lining is made from a pleasant soft mesh fabric and the colour combination tone-on-tone will definitely look great on you.

Trousers Row

When there will be a sunny day, you will appreciate the Row 3/4 soft-shell trousers. They are manufactured from the functional material AFT Double Weave, therefore the outer layer is sufficiently abrasion resistant, permanently water-repellent and adequately wind-proofed. On the contrary the inner layer is able to quickly transport body perspiration to the surface, thus ensuring excellent breathability. Because of these properties of Row "three quarter" trousers, you will use them particularly for hiking and via ferrata, but they can also be worn during conventional travelling.

t-shirt Tarben

You cannot be without a functional Tarben T-shirt that will certainly attract your attention with its colour combination. It’s suitable for travelling and trekking as well as leisure time. The T-shirt is enormously pleasant and comfortable due to the natural fabric consisting of  merino wool and Tencel. The material is quick-drying and you will surely appreciate its increased resistance against the unpleasant odor of perspiration.

Hannah kolekce jaro - léto pro aktivní pohyb v přírodě(left photo: men’s sweatshirt Mack, trousers Enduro, backpack Element 36l + ladies jacket Zigy, T-shirt Corey, trousers Keith)
(right photo: men’s T-shirt Trig, trousers Thumble , backpack Element 28+ ladies T-shirt Corey, 3/4 trousers Row, backpack Element 28

Hannah tips for running and cycling

We have again a slightly wider range of functional clothing for regular and occasional athletes. Do you prefer running in the countryside, do you give priority to cycling or do you have another outdoor activity? For active sports, where particularly importance is given to breathability, flexibility and comfort, we have selected a few exquisite spring Hannah tips of sports wear with stand out designs and with the essential reflective elements to increase your safety.

Jackets Ksawery / Keidis

For active outdoor sports at a brisk pace, we recommend men’s Ksawery jacket or its ladies version Keidis from our new collection. It is suitable not just for running, but also for cycling in windy weather, or other active sports. Primarily it’s windproof and although it’s not designed for wear in the rain, just in the case that you get caught by a little shower, it will protect you sufficiently enough until you can get under cover. In addition to being lightweight and pleasant to the touch, the AFT Stretch material, as a result of the elastane admixture, guarantees a comfortable feeling during any movement and allows maximum freedom during all your activities. The jacket has a side pocket suitable for a mobile phone.

aktivní pohyb venku v nové kolekci Hannah jaro - léto 2019(ladies jacket Keidis, ladies leggings Relay, men’s jacket Ksawery, men’s shorts Adler)

Leggins Monety

Ladies will surely be delighted with the combination of the jacket and the Monety leggings. They are wild, lively, spirited and will attract the attention of everyone around you. They are ideal for jogging and you will also rate them highly during other sporting activities. As result of the pleasant stretch material, a comfortable waistband and back pocket, they will deserve the prominent place in your wardrobe. There are reflection elements to help protect you during jogging in the dark.

Sweatshirt Mack / Diesen

We recommend, for instance, models Mack / Diesen as a medium sport wear layerThese sweatshirts are intended for trekking, jogging and a lot of other active sports.  Due to the Polarstretch Lite material used, they are excellently compliant and flexible in all directions, so they don’t restrict any movement. They are lightweight and have superb breathability. You can use them as a light outer layer of wear.

V nové kolekci Hannah pro jaro - léto 2019(men’s sweatshirt Mannix, men’s shorts Adler, ladies T-shirt Saffi, ladies leggings Relay, headband Jaden)

t-shirt Parnell / Saffi

Because we never have enough T-shirts, you can select from our new spring collection, for instance the men’s T-shirt Parnell. It has a slightly wider cut compared to the  Pacaba model, but it is manufactured of identical material. It is therefore quick-drying and you can wear it especially for jogging and for more active sports. Simply choose from the range of colours. The model design for ladies is called Saffi  with an attractive print or the narrowed version without print called Speedlora.

HANNAH for children

An interesting collection is created as well for our little adventures. For active outdoors activities, for  new outdoor experiences, for exploring natural beauty whether it is happening near to home or far away, you have a choice of children’s soft-shell and coated jackets, children’s hiking trousers or shorts for leisure time and with lots of new T-shirts for boys and girls. The children will appreciate the comfortable, stretch, quick-drying and 100% cotton materials during their everyday adventures.

Ukázka nové dětské kolekce Hannah pro jaro - léto 2019

from left to right:  jacket Peeta Jr., jacket Abona Jr., waistcoat Loras Jr., trousers Tyrion Jr., T-shirt Cornet Jr., T-shirt Darley Jr., shorts Kuala Jr.

Treat yourself to quality sports wear for your spring activities and you will not have to resolve equipment problems! Enjoy the nature! You will feel OUTDOORS LIKE AT HOME using Hannah equipment.

Yours, Hannah