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To nip to Iceland

Michal from Discovernow went to Canada, on Sunday, May 6, 2018. Before his flight he nipped on to an:”acclimatization” trip to Iceland with his mate. Don’t miss a scrap or shred of the interesting information or observations and recommendations.

Iceland is like a sheet of black paper. An indescribable! A blank! Unless you are “writing with snow” and that in Iceland is really enough. It is good to wear warm, convenient and functional clothing. Attributable to Hannah, all of these demands were perfectly fulfilled and exactly “in the spirit “of their motto – outdoors like at home.

If we are experts for anything in DiscoverNow, then it is for logical errors and contradictions. So even though Iceland is as indescribable as it has been described countless times, however, we feel that there are factual and interpretative gaps which we will try to fill in with our article. In this part we will introduce you to information about Iceland that we think is important to know. With this knowledge, we can visit the best places of the Republic of Iceland in the second part of this article.

It’s blowing. To and fro 

It‘s blowing in Iceland. They told us about it but we didn’t believe it. If a goalkeeper kicks the ball out from goal, they would rather kick the ball into a car to prevent it returning back in a few seconds. Although it sounds like a story of Jára Cimrman’s life, this is as well, the memories of one of the greatest Czechs. The Icelandic wind is until today, remembered by the football legend Petr Čech. Of course, we didn’t know this story before, that’s why we lost all seven football balls (yes, so spacious are Hannah’s backpacks), which we were using during our expedition! The very first day in Iceland, it was blowing so much that our sunglasses were falling off our eyes. We couldn’t see almost anything! There was no way we could erect the tent, we were lucky to stand in the wind unaided. Luckily, this period didn’t last too long. In the morning, unmolested and seeing clearly, we could look at the splendid sceneries surrounding us!

(Note: the picture shows an ideal position to stabilize yourself from the gusts of wind)

Everyone and no one is here

If you have the impression that everyone in Iceland is currently there, then only when you arrive, you will discover that it wasn’t just a feling. Almost no one is there at the same time. This sentence, at first sight, is in contrast to the previous sentence and it deserves an explanation. All the above-mentioned are near main roads or at a distance of up to five hundred meters of the major natural attractions. The elementary logical would appear to be that, no one is more than a little bit off the highway and the major natural spectacles. When the size of an island, which is larger than the former Czechoslovakia, is taken into account, the “number of Elves”, as well as the resident population living on the island, which is less than Brno city population, then everything becomes pretty clear! You will be alone on 99 % of the island!

Just choose any road or footpath and within a few minutes you will find yourself as the discoverer of a new planet in the universe, in which there is just you alone! If you want to see all the well-known waterfalls, the glaciers, beaches and Bonus stores, it is not a problem to make it all. The deserted paths, that will bring out the genes of adventurer in you, you will see all around you, the decision is entirely up to you to choose one and resolve how long and a how far you will be walking ... and what you will experience there! Incidentally, you will not have any unhappy experiences, if you treat the natural environment with respect. Otherwise, the Elves will give you what for!

Do you remember that time in Iceland? No.

Even though the places of Iceland will remain in your memory for the rest of your life, their names you have no chance to remember (not even close)! Only by mistake! Everything is named pretty much the same, long, incomprehensible, and in addition, in a foreign language. The geographical names are “one hard nut to crack” which, “if it was chopped into pieces, it would be a trail mix which would last for the whole journey of Ivoš and Monča around half the world”. Remembered one of the Icelandic names is more difficult than to say three times in a row "unforgettable".

Everything is, however ultimately easier than you think. Most waterfalls names have suffix – “foss” at the end of their names, the names of glacier ending is – “jökull”. The names of bays you can recognize because the name contains “vík”, the names of lakes contain “vatn”, “kirkja” indicates church, and ”aug” means lake with thermal water. So, you just have successfully completed your first lesson of the Icelandic language.


Now, when you know, what the suffix “Vík” means in the name, we can visit together Reykjavík - Smoke Bay. “Smoke” is include in the name of the city because of the natural hot springs, which as well as in other parts of Iceland,  meet the surface and they are followed by the clouds of water vapor. That’s with the amazing silhouette of the Esja Mountain in the background. Reykjavík is basically a typical Nordic town. Brilliantly simple but distinctive architecture, streets full of wooden warm coloured houses and in contrast, cooler stone houses. Simplicity, functionality, cleanliness, and not just the air. However, the person who has been “suckled” by the Czech “visual smog”, has to think about how people get around, when there is not on every house, wall or window at least eighteen billboards and advertisings. Is it really possible to live here!?


There are plenty of horses in Iceland, so many horses, that they will not fit on the wall of the greatest funs of horses. It is unconditionally idyllic! They have endless meadows under their feet and monumental mountains above their bushy manes. The breed of the Icelandic horse was developed due to Norwegian immigrants who brought the Norwegian ponies to the island. Over time horses from Scotland and Ireland have also been transported to the island. The protracted crossbreeding finally evolved a new breed. In Iceland the breeding of other breeds has been banned since 1930, in order to maintain the purity of the Icelandic horse. So, you can definitely forget about the possibility that you can come to Iceland on horseback.

Don’t put so much pressure on it

You can purchase so many organized trips in Iceland that you can spend the rest of your life there. Glacier Tours, Aurora Tours, Geysir Tours.... If somewhere in the world makes sense of this form of gaining knowledge and bringing benefits, it is certainly not here. As we have said, Iceland is the perfect place for being completely alone. The most important things you can manage to plan alone pretty easily. In case you will not plan anything, you will always come across something interesting. Just like us!  

 So, look forward to the next part!

Michal / DiscoverNow