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Travel with us! My homeland - 2nd phase

We have chosen a different route than the usual hiking trail for the rest of our Šumava (Bohemian Forest) trip. We find out that a path that leads alongside the Czech–German border very hard to resist. So we went to explore the unknown destinations of Šumava (Bohemian Forest)!

On Friday, early in the morning (“a hurtful” 6 AM) we caught the train to Železná Ruda town, where we finished our previous first phase. When we left the town, we let the tourist-marked trail lead us to the first hills, but soon after Matěj took over the “the navigation control”!

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast

Then we continued through the forest paths right under the 300m high cliff-Jezerní Hora which is overlooking the natural lakes - Černé jezero and Čertovo jezero.

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast

However, it is essential to note that Jezerní hora is located in the National nature preserves of Černé jezero and Čertovo jezero, as designated by the signs and by the marks on the trees. There still exists a few last representatives of the Western Capercaillie and other rare bird species and therefore the entry to this territory is forbidden - Shush! We passed around the preserve very, very quietly! We walked on a narrow path outside of the preserve that lead us to the very border of the Czech Republic, when the most beautiful views of Šumava (Bohemian Forest) and of the neighboring Bavarian Forest finally opened up to us.

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlastin the middle Velký Javor, the highest mountain of the Bavarian Forest and all Šumava (Bohemian Forest)

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast

a path leading to the top of the hills Velký and Malý Ostrý

This weekend we were so lucky with the weather, the sun was shinning for the whole trip!

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast

the national borders are marked with white poles

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlasta path that leads more like “highways and byways”, but Šumava scenery was  even more beautiful there.

Only when we finally reached the Velký Ostrý, along the border, we realized that it is definitely getting chilly in Šumava! From the south hillside where we had climbed up, the sun warmed our backs but however on the north side there was a frozen landscape.

We continued along the border, we met more and more border poles and German guideposts, we also saw the Elbe and Danube watershed and we continued slowly along the narrow paths through the forest.

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast

Along the border, we reached a hill called Lomníčky and there we again found the blue-marked trail. For a while, we were wondering about whether to continue across the Všerubská vrchovina to České Kubice which is located on the border of the Bohemian Forest Protected Landscape Area or to go to Nýrsko and end the Šumava part of the route exactly on the border. We decided finally, to continue to Nýrsko, we will leave Všerubská vrchovina for the next time, when we have built up our strength again!  (Eating too much Christmas sweets)!

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast

On our journey we spent only one night  this time but we took more pictures and enjoyed the nature rather than hiking - in the two days we had completed another 35 km, therefore we  have walked up to now 100 km of the total 1800 km around the Czech Republic – we have some catching up to do! But even though we didn’t walk too many kilometers this time, we learned about a completely new part of Šumava and that in the Bohemian Forest there are no asphalt roads, is where the human being can be a little closer to peace and marvelous nature.

Next time, we plan to (and seriously this time!) achieve The Black Forest and reach the village of Rozvadov, which most of us know only as a stop at a filling station on the way to our holiday! Let’s see how we will be able to continue between Christmas and New Year’s Day, when we will be overloaded with potato salad and Christmas sweets!

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See you next time!

Cestuj s námi - projekt Má vlast