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Travel with us! We start our project "My homeland"

We would like to walk through our beautiful Czech countryside during all four seasons. Around the borders of the Czech Republic, which is 1 800 km.

The enthusiastic travellers Sylva and Matěj, who have become members of our Hannah Grant a while ago, they have a new goal in sight.   To walk around the borders of the whole of the Czech Republic. Have look at their plans and let it inspire you, if it is only by a certain interesting part of their route. In these autumn days they have just set off...

I have one such peculiarity. I’m a planner. I love to know, what I can look forward to. I can’t help myself, it’s who I am!

When I’m already on a trip, I couldn’t resist planning what I intended to do next. I have been thinking a lot whilst I was in the Alps, this year. I remembered how two years ago, we were travelling in the summer across the Czech Republic by train. For the first time I visited Bílé Karpaty (White Carpathians), in the Beskydy Mountains, The national nature preserve SOOS... it was so marvelous! We haven’t wandered throughout the Czech countryside too much before or afterwards, otherwise wouldn’t say it was complete mistake, but we have definitely some catching up to do. We have always fled to the countryside beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and so now it is the right time, get to know our country, as well!

On the top of mountain “Mravenečník” in Jeseníky 

Thus was created a new plan! Let’s catch up on the Czech Republic, which we have neglected these past years!


What about walking around the whole border of the Czech Republic?

How long it is?

1800 km!

But it is not possible, we will have to walk for at least 2 months. We have also a lot of obligations and so ...

Okay, so what if we divide the trips into a several weekends, and the longer part of the journey we complete in the summer! Lovely walks through the landscape during all four seasons!

That’s great! That’s what we’re gonna do!

We will give the project some magnificent name! What about…  


We promise ourselves, that every month to spend at least one weekend in the area of the border and we will walk through a stretch of a planned journey. (The link to the preliminary route you can find at

The start and the end of the laps we have planned to be in cities, where the railway goes to, so we can enjoy the travelling by train again!

Česká republika - železniční zastávka Babice u Šternberka

When we overcome all the obstructions (especially the adverse weather conditions, our laziness and others disturbing temptations), we will be able to walk about 100 km of our route each month, we could by June complete 900 km and walk through the other 900 km during the summer! So, let see, how it all goes! We are curious about ourselves! We are getting started in the” very best time” – autumn, with sleet and frost... but also all the beautiful colours of autumn nature, falling leaves, morning mists etc...

We are so excited, that we are going to know our homeland a little bit better, we will be discovering splendid places and experiencing new adventures!

Let our route be an inspiration to you that adventures can be experienced in our country and in stages, it is possible to pass around the whole of the Czech border in parts and even if we only inspire one of you, it will be worth it!

More stories, photos, experiences and sufferings of our journey you can find on our website:-!

What is currently happening, where we are, or what we are working on, right now, you can see on our Facebook:-