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Travel with us! My homeland - 1st phase

So we set off to meet autumn and we have chosen the beginning of our route almost at the most eastern tip of the Šumava National Park in Nové údolí!

We set forth and follow the red-marked tourist trail that leads through the heart of the park. We expected autumn weather but such was the inclement weather conditions which occurred in Šumava (Bohemian Forest) we couldn’t even “hope for”!  We were almost alone on the route because most of the tourists have been discouraged by the rain, the mist and the cold weather. We were courageous and because we were dressed in waterproof clothing, we really could fully enjoy Šumava!

The first and the second days were usual autumn day - cloud and light rain showers, sometimes being replaced by sunshine!

the maps on our mobile made our orientation easier

The beautiful Czech landscape has appeared in front of us...

The view between Stodůlky and Knížecí pláně

below the mountain peak of Černá hora, to the left Velk and Malý Roklan(Small and great Rachel) on the Bavarian side of Šumava (Bohemian Forest)  

The autumn “cracked the whip” properly on the third day! We were spending the night at the emergency lodging Modrava and woke up to the mist and cold.

hidden in our warm sleeping bags - Hannah Sherpa 300, we didn’t want to get up at all!

our Eagle 3 at the emergency lodging Modrava, only a few dozen meters out of the city

During the day, the temperature dropped and it started to snow heavily when we were coming close to the Poledník! We didn’t expect such sudden snow at Šumava!

vyhlídka na impozantní Poledník, poznáváte ho? 

The view of the impressive Poledník, do you recognized it? 

In the freezing cold weather we were wrapped up in all the various layers of clothing needed at this time and because of the rain we were dressed in our favorite waterproof Hannah wear as well, namely the jackets RENDER and RENDEZA and the trousers VERTO and BROWN.

It was freezing cold more and more!


an icy view of the lake Laka

By the lake Laka we were struggling to decide whether we should spend one more freezing night at the emergency lodging or catch the train in the direction of ”home sweet home”!  We had been hesitant a bit longer than we should have.... and finally we decided to go home. We tried to catch the train but we over estimated our limits or more like it we counted wrong the kilometers that were left.  We had only one hour left until the time of the last train departure and the12 km long journey didn’t put us off, so we proudly passed the emergency lodging and continued walking... 20 minutes later we thought more deeply about whole situation again and realised that we would not be able to make it! An emergency lodging (night camp) is a few kilometers behind us, the town of Železná Ruda  is a long way in front of us. We continued on because the road was downhill. The snow never stopped failing and we enjoyed October and at the same time a very premature Christmas Spirit. Well, we missed the last train back, but tomorrow is another day.

the descent into Železná Ruda

We caught the first train in the morning and enjoyed our journey through the snowy landscape.

the journey back home by train and the astonishment at the premature winter scenery :) 

We had spent 3 days and 2 nights on our journey and during that period we walked on the red-marked trail for approximately 73 km, we had enjoyed enough of the rain, the snow and mist but also the picturesque Šumava scenery. The next time we started from Železná Ruda town in the direction of Nýrsko, to see how far we could go. We are looking forward to what November in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area will provide us with- Všerubská vrchovina and maybe even Český les (Bohemian Forest), depending on weather conditions!

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